To help companies make great decisions, we arm them with data, insights, and best practices. Our go-to-market strategies deliver integrated multi-channel, multi-audience strategies, based upon a deep understanding of persona buying behavior. Our data-driven approach leads to profitable growth, even in times of uncertainty. These are the building blocks of how we work.


We use a rapid, fact-based approach, which means we create and launch solutions quickly. This agile approach requires us to execute, refine, and reinforce in rapid succession. Our “Lean Consulting” Process enables our clients to learn and execute corrective pivots as part of the standard operating procedure.


The common denominator of all Cortado Group engagements is EBITDA margin and the need for profitable revenue growth.  What you need in the moment and what you need for long-term success requires us to be iterative to fill immediate gaps and build a bridge to sustainable growth.

Successful solutions star by listening to the needs of our clients.  This is always the first step.  Once we understand the problem, we select the applicable best practices that will serve a unique need. Finally, we build the customized solution and implement it into the field.


Cortado Group leverages technology to extract and analyze complex data sets. Cortado Group’s experts utilize our portfolio of tools to build and deliver customized solutions. Our set of software tools is growing so that we can support rapidly the changing needs of a new virtual working environment.


Cortado Group provides comprehensive strategic recommendations to guide go-to-market plans. Our unique difference is our ability to become a part of our client’s leadership teams. Once aligned, our execution excellence is often what enables our clients to beat the competition and achieve profitability.