Senior Consultant

Krystal Diel

With over a decade of Sales and Revenue Operations experience, Krystal specializes in Business Development, process optimization, leadership, pipeline strategy and execution.

Krystal has worked with multiple startups enhance the customer experience. A passionate Revenue Operations leader who excels at evoking vision and inspiring action to make meaningful changes in the companies she works with. Krystal is Salesforce Administrator Certified and is set to graduate in 2023 with an MBA in Leadership and Management.

Engagement Expertise

  • Revenue Operations
  • Due Diligence

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Engagement Manager
  • Platform Administrator


Case Study


At the beginning of Q1 of 2019, a support automation company was in the midst of leadership transitions leaving their BDR team leaderless and directionless. Overall lead conversion rates were low and the CMO was unable to accurately measure the effectiveness of the Business Development department.

Solution Delivered

  • Introduced discovery call, cold call and cadence best practices
  • Reconfigured activity tracking and opportunity stages in Salesforce to make visible the full sales cycle
  • Full implementation of Outreach and migrated HubSpot sequences to Outreach
  • Created dashboards for sales and marketing teams
  • Developed highly proficient sales operations processes and trained leadership


  • Increased Lead to SQL rate from 3% to 7%
  • Increased SQL rate by 150%
  • Increased SAL rate by 140%


Krystal Diel
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