Case Study

A Healthcare Technology Leader experienced a 78% increase across
all business

Cortado Group was asked to help re-position the company’s go-to-market strategy, build a business case for funding and place interim leadership until the company could be fully staffed.

  • Sales
  • Marketing

Company’s Growth Challenge

  • During the engagement, the client was not fully staffed and needed a change in marketing leadership.
  • The existing marketing and sales strategy was not optimized and did not enable substantial revenue growth.
  • The in-house marketing organization lacked the ability to contribute to revenue growth
Cortado Group Solution Strategies
‘Solution’ Selling Environment

Created a ‘Solution’ Selling Environment changing the Go to Marketing Model.

Ideal Customer Profile

Developed ideal customer profile, staged sales processes, buyer personas, a new sales organization, sales plays, scripts for each position, a new sales development department and new compensation plans.

Persona-based Marketing Campaign

Designed and executed a persona-based marketing campaign strategy.


Transitioned marketing leadership to in-house marketing team, while implementing new marketing initiatives that contributed to revenue growth. 

Solutions Provided

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Interim CMO
  • Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Compensation
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Ideal Customer Profile Development
  • SDR Development

Company’s Growth

The client experienced a 78% increase across all business in 2020.

Cortado Group Results

  • Revenue increased by $3M in one year and is projected to increase to $21M in the next year.
  • 78% increase across all business the following year.
  • Closed won deals (new and add-on) increased from $9M to $16M during the engagement.
  • Closed won deals (new and add-on) is projected to increase another $5M in the next year.
  • Product conversions increased by over 5,000 in year one and is expected to grow by over 50,000 in the next year.