Advantages of Our
Engagement Methodology

During every successful client engagement, the Cortado Group follows an agile process to develop your solutions. Our user-centered design approach follows a software development lifecycle discipline. We learn, build, and refine in quick cycles to assure a tested solution is provided rapidly. There are tangible advantages of this approach:

  • Collects insights for a deep understanding of the current state.
  • Combine the unique situation with industry experience for a buyer-centric solution.
  • Provide a solution informed by the in-depth discovery.
  • Improve the solution through data-driven feedback and performance measurement.
  • Embed the solution into your digital tools and train your team for sustainability.

Our 5-Step Engagement Methodology

Here’s how the Cortado Group’s delivery methodology helps you get from where you are to where you want to be in five strategic steps.

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Build
  • Optimize
  • Transition

Discover — We Evaluate Your Current-State

Our discovery process is multi-faceted and holistic, with a focus on collecting insights from four key areas: customers, the company, competitors, and the marketplace.

This 360-degree approach provides a deep understanding of your current state. Our root cause analysis uses our proprietary Centrae™ online assessment, in-depth interviews, tech stack reviews, and data research.


Design — We Design Your Go-to-Market Solution

In parallel with discovery, we design and shape a prototype of our go-to-market solution for your company.

Our agile approach combines your unique situation with industry experience and best practices. We design your solutions in real-time and begin building. The result is a buyer-centric design focused on your objectives.


Build — We Build Your Revenue Growth Capability

Whether you need a new pricing bundle, an organization design, or an opportunity management process, our team builds your solution for you.

The initial build is based on a design that’s been informed by our in-depth discovery.


Optimize — We Test and Launch Your Go-to-Market Solution

Our Optimize step is all about improving the solution through data-driven feedback and performance measurement.

During our engagement, we use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of the solution and identify areas for improvement. This enables us to pilot and test concepts with the team or market so we learn actual user behavior. This assures that whatever solution we build it will be one that is effectively deployed by your team.


Transition — We Transition Your Solution from Us to You

Our solutions are not “shelfware.” Instead, they’re designed for usability by your team.

To this end, we embed your data and processes into your digital tools. We train your team and enable them with support materials and ongoing coaching when required. We make it possible for you to sustain our changes with your own team.


Every situation has a unique set of challenges. Connect with us to explore a customized solution.