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for outsized impacts


We deliver rapid, measurable top-line improvements for smaller, investor-backed growth companies across multiple industries

At the Cortado Group, our go-to-market experts help private equity firms and portfolio companies overcome challenges in revenue intelligence, revenue operations, product, pricing, sales, marketing, and customer success. We help them achieve or exceed their business goals — from revenue generation to value creation.

Create greater value on your growth journey

We understand the challenges of your financial growth trajectory - and bring the right expertise, analytics, and process to support it.

Leverage proven go-to-market strategies

We've guided over 300 PE-owned companies to rapidly reach or exceed their GTM performance goals.

Achieve your growth objectives faster

From strategic advisory to tactical deployment, we deliver growth-focused rapid results for private equity owned companies.

Trusted by Private Equity

Portfolio Company GTM Journey

Align your Go-To-Market execution with strategies proven to achieve the best financial trajectory

Unlike traditional consulting, we focus only on the strategic objectives that will have the biggest, fastest, and most cost-effective impact on value creation. No scope creep or inflated discovery aimed at “finding the next deal”. We have extensive experience with PE-focused analytics and value-creation strategies. We'll hone in on the specific levers to pull to get your portfolio on the best financial trajectory.

Financial Trajectory
Results seen by clients
1.9 x

Increase in Exit Value

+ 44 %

Increase in Revenue Growth

+ 78 %

Increase Across All Business

GTM Framework

Our Go-To-Market Framework
Maps to Your Journey

No matter the revenue challenge, our solutions span the entire Go-to-Market Journey. From sophisticated targeting algorithms to high-touch customer retention strategies, our GTM Framework addresses every key area. We offer the right expertise born of experience to deliver the right solution.

  • Define your buyers and track their behavior and engagement real-time
  • Implement a tech stack that enables data-driven strategic decisions with real-time buyer behavior tracking
  • Develop profitable solutions to the most important problems of your buyers
  • Align your Marketing, Sales and Customer Success efforts to the buyer's journey

Cortado Group sets itself apart from traditional consulting firms by prioritizing strategic objectives that yield the greatest, quickest, and most cost-effective impact on value creation and profitable revenue growth. We possess the knowledge and expertise to identify the most effective means of leveraging growth opportunities at every level, ensuring that you achieve maximum growth potential.

Results seen by clients
22 %

Improvement in Average Selling Price

46 %

Increase in Total Pipeline

13 %

Increase in Bookings per Rep


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