Our Engagement Types Are
Customized for Growth

Our team of experts is the most important component of Cortado Group’s Go-to-Market (GTM) solution. Depending upon the situation, we combine our experts into the most effective structure that solves your most urgent needs. Whether as an individual temporary Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) or as a fully-outsourced RevOps team, we make it easy for you to work with us to implement and reap the benefits of inumberable go-to-market strategies. By harnessing the power of our Go-To-Market Framework, we ensure that your revenue growth reaches its potential.

  • Understand the current state of our Go-to-Market performance conditions
  • Develop a prioritized list set of initiatives for rapid transformation
  • Utilize an experienced Chief Executive to lead your transformation
  • Or utilize a curated team of experts to deliver laser-focused go-to-market strategies
  • Augment your team with experts that provide long-term support
  • Due Diligence
  • Go-To-Market Assessment
  • Interim Leadership Engagement
  • Project Team
  • Ongoing Support
  • CentraeTM Online Platform

Due Diligence

Is a company or add-on worth your investment?

Before you invest in a new addition to your portfolio, our due diligence tools and experts can help you determine the value of a new acquisition’s Go-to-Market capabilities. We deploy an in-depth analysis to help ensure you’re making a profitable investment. Typically due diligence assessments take two to four weeks and use our proprietary Centrae™ online assessment, in-depth interviews, tech stack reviews, and data research.


Go-To-Market Assessment

Is your current go-to-market framework capable of meeting your growth objectives?

After your company has been purchased and anytime during the investment hold period, challenges arise that prevent the expected revenue growth. The Cortado Group will determine the root causes, capabilities of your employees, effectiveness of your processes, and value of your toolset. Our go-to-market assessments can range from a single day to four weeks in duration. We use our proprietary Centrae™ online assessment, in-depth interviews, tech stack reviews, and data research. The result is a complete view of where problems lie and a roadmap to solve them.


Interim Leadership Engagement

Do you need a temporary, on-staff Chief Executive to help build a stronger Go-to-Market capability?

This engagement approach is ideal when a company’s leadership team requires additional capacity or specific capabilities for go-to-market execution of a revenue-focused transformational roadmap. The Cortado Group interim leadership program installs a full-time Chief Executive in your company for a specific period of time — typically four to nine months — until you hire a full-time leader. In the meantime, this expert specializes in rebuilding a functional capability while continuing the drive toward target performance.

Our interim leaders have experience in the C-suite and they’re passionate about building sales and marketing capabilities from the ground up. We have a curated team of experts in the following roles:

  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sales Development Rep (SDR) Team Leader
  • RevOps Leader

Project Team

Do you need a team of experts to help solve a critical, short-term revenue challenge?

From developing an ideal customer profile to launching sales enablement, our experts specialize in delivering every aspect of our Go-to-Market Framework.

During end-to-end project engagements, your Cortado Group team will focus on achieving the exact outcomes and ROI you need. Examples of typical project team engagements include:

  • Building an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and creating a segmented account list
  • Developing research-based buyer personas and buying process maps
  • Implementing tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce
  • Designing and executing a targeted marketing campaign strategy
  • Building systems and process to support an SDR/BDR function
  • Implementing an opportunity management process that’s aligned with your buyers
  • Coaching and enablement of the leadership and teams
  • Deploying customer success tools and processes that retain more revenue

Ongoing Support

Do you need a cost-effective way to configure your CRM or Marketing Automation tools to provide full-funnel visibility?

Gain the power of Revenue Operations (RevOps) to accelerate your profitable revenue growth. Having a dedicated RevOps manager can be cost-prohibitive. For many of our clients, the Cortado Group can augment their staff with a RevOps expert in a fractional, affordable way, making sure your Go-To-Market execution is handled by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Our team has deep expertise with technology tools and platforms, including HubSpot and Salesforce. Our experts follow a rigorous program of continuous learning and development in current best practices.

We can engage with your company in the following ways:

Strategic engagement managers

  • Ongoing organizational assessment
  • Project planning
  • Strategic planning for your ongoing RevOps needs

Technical platform developers

  • Architecture analysis and design
  • Custom coding
  • AI and machine learning

Tactical platform administrators

  • Tech stack design
  • Process mapping best practices
  • System configuration

Analytical data analysts

  • Dashboards
  • Modeling
  • Reporting

CentraeTM Online Platform

Do you need a comprehensive understanding of your GTM team’s structure & ability to meet your revenue growth objectives?

CentraeTM is a secure, cloud-based digital platform for due diligence and the assessment and benchmarking of your Go-to-Market engine. With this tool, we look at over 300 critical points of interest across strategy, people, process, and tools. We heatmap the results into a roadmap, which assures we are focused on the most critical needs of your business.


Every situation has a unique set of challenges. Connect with us to explore a customized solution.