Analytics Practice Lead

Barry Witonsky

I work with frustrated sales and operational leaders in B2B who cannot gain insights from their data and deliver expansion opportunities.

With more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and product development, Barry has firsthand knowledge of the obstacles that arise when these groups are not aligned around customer needs and corporate goals. My clients increase revenue through improved targeting, market coverage, and ensuring reps have the right accounts.

Engagement Expertise

  • Data Analytics
  • Revenue Operations
  • Due Diligence

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Data Analyst


Case Study


Investors realized the need for a more mature approach to growing the business at a Healthcare Marketing Vendor. However, the team lacked the necessary capacity and capability required to build and execute this more mature approach. To grow the company needs to understand what segments of the market are most attractive for the value proposition

Solution Delivered

  • Identified high potential micro segments by creating ideal customer profiles and estimating potential for each account.
  • Visual dashboards were created to dynamically modify results and quantify the opportunity by each segment.
  • Account lists were integrated to Hubspot for ease of execution by the sales and marketing teams.
  • Client was trained on how to maintain and modify the model based on changing conditions.


  • Shortened sales cycle length - clients have seen a shortened sales cycle of 5-10%
  • Increased average sales price (asp) - increased ASP is typically a result of a more disciplined approach to discounting.
  • Increased win rate - targeting the right prospects will increase win rate. This can raise 5-7 percentage points with the right targeting