Principal & ICRO

Bill Piacitelli

Bill draws on over a decade of SaaS leadership experience to help clients attain new levels of growth.

He has expertise in strategy, process optimization, and building revenue-focused sales, marketing, and operations teams that execute at the highest level. Bill serves as a Consultant, Strategic Advisor, and Board Member to high-growth companies.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Interim Leadership
  • Execution Expertise
  • Due Diligence

GTM Disciplines

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Success



A core part of the team, Bill helped build fundamental processes into our sales and marketing organizations during our early and high growth phases. He understood how to hire and retain talent, structure business units, and build a scalable revenue organization that allowed the company to grow ahead of our competition, which led to a successful exit.

Mike Brody President & CEO, Exago BI

Case Study


An embedded analytics technology client, after several years of high growth trajectory, experienced flat sales. CEO lacked definable KPIs to hold Sales and Marketing teams accountable to results and effect change. Interest in exiting the business within 12-18 months was challenged when an initial offer came in well below the market rates for similar businesses.

Solution Delivered

  • Restructured marketing team, replacing 7 unskilled generalists with 5 top-grade specialists.
  • Restructured sales team to incorporate 3 Managers, 5 Account Executives, 3 Sales Engineers, and 10 SDRs.
  • ICP, Buyer Personas, and Buyer Journey Maps were developed and implemented.
  • Implemented lead and opportunity management systems to standardize process
  • Added Revenue Operations and Marketing Operations roles to ensure efficiency within both departments


  • 59.99% increase in organic traffic visits from new users
  • Higher quality MQLs result in less of sales’ time wasted, shorter sales cycles, and higher deal values
  • 66% increase in conversions from MQL to SAL
  • 33% close rates from opportunity creation
  • Yearly goal of 30% increase in ARR achieved
  • Successful exit on October 6, 2021
Bill Piacitelli
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