CEO, Partner

Dan Bernoske

Founder of Cortado Group with a vision to create a collective of skilled experts that lead meaningful change

Dan’s background in product management in both Fortune 500 and start-up environments is applied today to the productization of consulting services. The result is a team of process and data-driven,  sales, marketing, and operations experts. Dan is a trained Six Sigma Green Belt and attended the Leadership Development program at GE Crotonville.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Interim Leadership
  • Due Diligence

GTM Disciplines

  • Product
  • Sales
  • Marketing



As part of the original team that launched mobile data services for Nextel, Dan provided ideas and leadership that pushed products to new levels. He has an outstanding knack for quickly identifying new product ideas and improvements to existing ones. He also has a unique approach that motivates and energizes the team around translating to getting things done in sometimes difficult environments.

Ann Thompson VP of Product Management, BlockFi

Case Study


Going into Q3 Year 1, our healthcare client did not have an effective marketing department in place to drive demand. A new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) was promoted from within the client to assist with the tun-around. Cortado Group was retained to provide guidance to the new CRO while helping to build the foundation for an effective lead generation engine.

Solution Delivered

  • Agencies and marketing personnel were immediately replaced while adding a new VP of Marketing.
  • Nurture campaigns were built to target key lead sources. With improved attribution measures in place, the client was able to plan a budget ramp whereby the marketing team must prove ROMI before any budget increases were ranted.
  • Implementation of lead scoring in HubSpot to qualify leads and improve lead management process.
  • Full integration of HubSpot with Salesforce to refine and optimize lead management processes.
  • Campaign strategy build out for each quarter to continue to improve CAC performance.


  • In Q3 Year 1 the Marketing Department generated a 50% improvement in CAC and ratio performance.
  • The department generated a 22% increase in admissions in three months at half the cost compared to the department’s previous admission performance in six months.
  • Admissions in Q1 Year 2 continue to increase. This is especially significant since the start of the year typically records the highest churn rate.