Product Strategist

David Russell

Innovative and results-oriented, David is experienced in all phases of software delivery and implementation, project management, organizational leadership and strategy.

With a proven track-record building solutions, teams and organizational competence, this results in hitting financial goals and increasing morale and productivity by leveraging existing strengths to build solid software products and optimize processes while managing cost, mitigating risk, and maximizing ROI.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Execution Expertise

GTM Disciplines

  • Product


As part of the product team at Algo, Dave led the team in product management operations, corporate strategy, and development. His success comes from his 20+ years of experience driving growth through the expansion of agile practices, culture creation and leading product management and development professionals. He has a stellar track record of conflict management internally, as well as customers and vendors. Dave has an unparalleled ability to start small and grow operations beyond anyone else I have worked with.

Jason Kummerl Co-Founder and CTO, Algo

Case Study


One of the nation’s top ten largest school districts had recently contracted development of a data warehouse and analytics dashboard.  As the budget neared exhaustion and the project floundered, the district found itself without capable talent to finish the necessary deliverables to qualify for the grant which funded the original work or maintain the system once delivered.

Solution Delivered

  • Resourced Data Science, Analytics, and ETL teams for district self-sufficiency
  • Developed internal Standard Operating Procedure wiki
  • Completed expected deliverables from initial vendor shortfall
  • Innovated/implemented data quality/cleansing processes
  • Integrated cleansed data with dependent downstream systems
  • Streamlined workflows to use consistent patterns and simplify maintenance


  • School district proved compliance to grantor and secured final dispensation
  • Student graduation rates have successively increased year-over-year from 69% to 89% due to programs fueled by this critical data feed
  • Teacher performance rewards and internal promotion candidates to principal identified as a result of the clean and timely data
  • Improved processing performance by over 800%
David Russell
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