COO, Partner

George de los Reyes

Managing Partner of Cortado Group, George is a problem-solving and execution-focused executive.

Leveraging emerging best practices, he builds optimal performance conditions in the product, marketing and sales functions to enable companies to thrive by outperforming their industry and competitors. Clients value his expertise and ability to quickly identify growth levers and accelerate value-creation. As Cortado Chief Operating Partner, George manages the firm’s infrastructure in support of the Cortado team.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Interim Leadership
  • Data Analytics
  • Revenue Operations
  • Execution Expertise
  • Due Diligence

GTM Disciplines

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Success



With George's help, we triggered a full sales transformation. His analytical approach helped us in several areas. The before and after is the evidence of his guidance. We doubled our conversion ratio after the first 9 months, we increased our forecast accuracy, reduced sales cycle by half and so on. I can say with confidence that George is my trusted advisor when it comes to sales effectiveness.

Jose Luis Andrade Vice President of Sales, North America, Securus Monitoring Solutions

Case Study


George led an account segmentation and territory design project for a large industrial equipment manufacturer. The sales organization needed a consistent way to identify and prioritize accounts to drive the greatest amount of revenue in the shortest amount of time. The client sough a 15% CAGR to hit their $1B revenue goal over a 5-year period.

Solution Delivered

  • Calculated revenue potential by account and solution for customers and prospects across all sales channels
  • Developed ongoing capability to segment & prioritize market by potential and to design territories
  • Determined most effective 3rd party data sources for prospect information
  • Defined territories for existing and new sales executives based on potential spend calculations and workload capacity to deploy in-year
  • Assigned accounts and set quotas based on potential
  • Mitigated risk inherent to linking future growth to a handful of major accounts


  • The client exceeded their sales plan and was on pace to exceed their 24-month goal.
  • This was a direct result of identifying, prioritizing and assigning the highest potential accounts to the best-selling resources – best people on best opportunities.
  • The PE firm, Permira, commenced the selling process, valuing the client at $1.5 billion