Principal Consultant

Ginger Smith

Ginger is a strategic transformation leader. She has an innate nature to seamlessly connect high-level strategy with essential low-level details for successful returns on investments. With expansive international and domestic experience; she has proven success transforming government, nonprofits and Fortune 100s across industries across Marketing, Sales, Product and Pricing.

She is focused on driving topline revenue and accelerating value-creation for clients.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Data Analytics
  • Execution Expertise
  • Due Diligence

GTM Disciplines

  • Product
  • Sales
  • Marketing


I had the great opportunity to work with Ginger at Honeywell. She is a very impressive designer and leader of programs - I witnessed her deep competency in this area with the SAP partnership. Ginger did an amazing job of designing, implementing and running this tremendously difficult partnership. Her enthusiasm, intelligence and passion for excellence brought this partnership to life - I was impressed watching her. She would be an amazing addition to any team lucky to have her.

John Head CRO Aetos Imaging