Jessica Pearson

Jessica is an accomplished marketing expert in the B2B marketing sphere, and has a strong track record of developing creative, innovative solutions to complex challenges. Her skill set includes proficiency in data analytics and visualization, brand and IP protection, project management strategy, and CRM implementation and administration.

Jessica consistently delivers results-driven strategies that drive revenue growth and streamline operations for organizations of all sizes.

Engagement Expertise

  • Revenue Operations
  • Execution Expertise

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Engagement Manager
  • Platform Administrator


Case Study


A complex acquisition led to low conversion rates, high CAC, and high customer churn. Declining metrics across sales, marketing, and customer success were due to challenges surrounding the integration of different or duplicate systems, lack of clarity regarding responsibilities and goals, poor data quality, and operational inefficiencies.

Solution Delivered

  • System Integration: Provided Salesforce migration and data architecture guidance. Managed migration from HubSpot to new installation of Pardot
  • Process Alignment: identified inefficient and duplicative processes and provided improvement strategy
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting: Developed new personas, buyer journey map, and sales enablement materials.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns: Implemented content marketing and nurture campaign strategies
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: Provided data cleansing and development of new reports and dashboards to provide actionable insights


  • Increased Average Deal Size due to cross-educated and collaborative sales team
  • Increased Customer Retention Rate, CLTV, and NPS due to available customer success and marketing insights
  • Decreased CAC due to implementation of marketing automation, and optimized segmentation and targeting
  • Improved Sales Velocity due to streamlined sales process, effective lead management, and effective targeting