Senior Consultant

John Marcsisin

John comes with ten years of consulting experience focused on sales force effectiveness and compensation design.

John’s primary focus is aimed at helping clients achieve short and long-term business objectives by creating better alignment between the corporative objectives and sales strategy. He is tasked with developing sales force effectiveness strategies that incorporate market best practice and help organizations to achieve their revenue and cost objectives, while attracting and retaining top sales talent.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Data Analytics
  • Revenue Operations
  • Execution Expertise
  • Due Diligence

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Engagement Manager
  • Platform Developer
  • Data Analyst



John is an excellent consultant with profound leadership abilities. He never settles in the pursuit of the best solution to any problem he addresses. He is wonderful at considering all minute details of a project while keeping an eye on the big picture. Through his analytical process, he has helped our company achieve both our short and long-term objectives.

Mark Hughes VP Corporate Sales, Wind River

Case Study


The Account Directors were primarily on a company-bonus plan with incentive payout tied to company performance and discretionary performance measures.

Solution Delivered

  • Stakeholder interviews revealed an opportunity to drive greater strategic alignment between the sales objectives and compensation plans.
  • The quantitative assessment highlighted opportunities to create a more efficient sales model by assigning accounts based on spend, potential and complexity.
  • For performance above target attainment, expansion bookings were paid an accelerated rate relative to retention/linear bookings, further incentivizing reps to deliver on the strategic imperatives.


  • 4% improvement in Compensation Cost of Sales
  • 17% Increase in expansion EBITDA
  • 8% Reduction in Account Director turnover
  • 5% Improvement in Customer Retention Rate