Director, Data Analytics

Kurt Levin

Senior consultant specializing in Revenue Intelligence, Revenue Operations and Data Analytics.

Kurt’s background includes sales channel development in foreign markets, manufacturing operations and logistics, and revenue strategy development. This broad expertise results in scalable solutions that are readily operational for clients. Kurt has an MBA from the University of South Florida with a specialization in Finance

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Data Analytics
  • Revenue Operations

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Engagement Manager
  • Platform Administrator
  • Platform Developer
  • Data Analyst


Kurt Levin
Blog Post

Improve Pipeline Predictability Through Three Simple Steps

Don’t let inaccurate pipeline forecasts cause you to lose credibility. Replace the manual efforts that eat away selling time yet still don’t deliver predictable forecasts. This blog presents a simple streamlined approach for building a sales pipeline that empowers your PE to achieve revenue targets and accelerates growth.