Loryn Stokes

Loryn is a skilled Revenue Operations specialist with a proven track record of Salesforce and HubSpot experience and multiple years of technical project management that has driven success across many projects.

Accompanying this technical experience with problem-solving skills, thriving in a collaborative environment and having a competitive drive to win, our clients can expect a passionate Revenue Operations partner in their corner.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Revenue Operations

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Platform Administrator


Case Study


A rapidly growing cybersecurity tech company didn’t have an effective data structure in their Salesforce and Pardot instances. Couple that with a growing list of leads and an ineffective sales processes, opportunities were falling through the cracks. We were brought on to improve backend automations, lead data and to streamline their sales process.

Solution Delivered

  • Improved campaign creation by building campaign automation in Salesforce, which allowed creating multiple campaigns at once
  • Created more streamlined Sales assignments by building automations based on client's MQL criteria for cleaner lead distribution
  • Implemented lead scoring and grading in Pardot to qualify leads and improve lead management
  • Implemented Lifecycle Stages as a custom object for Opportunity stage velocity tracking
  • Implemented Sales Touch tracking and Activity tracking for insight into how opportunities were being worked and managed


  • Streamlined Campaign creation, improving Marketing processes
  • Lead management and Sales processes were improved, along with Leadership visibility with each Sales Rep
  • Streamlined data management with automations, saving users time from manual data clean up


Loryn Stokes
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