Senior Consultant

Mitch Larson

Mitch is an experienced operations leader with a digital marketing pedigree. He deploys CRM tools and data visualization solutions to put information into action.

With an automate-first mindset, he has designed solutions for teams that have seen increases in productivity of +280%. Solutions start with systems, and Mitch succeeded in overhauling and documenting the entire structure and process of a company’s internal marketing automation and attribution system to better align with higher-level roadmap and goals.

Engagement Expertise

  • Revenue Operations
  • Execution Expertise

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Platform Administrator
  • Data Analyst


Case Study


The company was looking to drastically improve the number of Sales Qualified Leads and increase Annual Recurring Revenue while maintaining high lead quality integrity.

Solution Delivered

  • A customized and fully automated self-schedule demo system was developed within HubSpot.
  • Prospects that submitted demo requests were automatically filtered and routed based on qualifying criteria.
  • Prospects scheduled their own day and time to meet with an account executive without the added time and friction of a phone call.
  • A customized round robin system was built within HubSpot to distribute segmented leads to the account executives.
  • The solution was scalable enough to be built and added into all newly created landing pages and demo campaigns.


  • The process increased demo submissions by 237% over a two-year period following implementation.
  • The implemented changes contributed to a more than 200% growth in ARR over a two-year period.
  • This process ensured that unqualified submissions were automatically filtered out of the funnel early in the sales cycle and higher quality leads were being passed to the sales team much more quickly and efficiently.


Mitch Larson
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