Practice Leader, Revenue Operations

Robert Gammon

For more than ten years, I have served in Revenue Operations roles. From Customer Success Strategy to System and Platform Management within IT organizations.

I have designed, built, and given new life to CRMs in both established and start-up environments. I am a well-read stoic and a proud leader of people. I define my style as enthusiastic servant leadership. I execute with a deep knowledge of Agile/ SCRUM and coach and prioritize using modern methodologies to deliver customer outcomes.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Interim Leadership
  • Revenue Operations
  • Due Diligence

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Engagement Manager
  • Platform Developer
  • Data Analyst


Case Study


A newly acquired Portfolio Company struggled to capture intelligence or insights from their existing Go To Market Teams. The staff alongside their technology had not improved instrumentation in many years leading to gaps in performance, missed targets, and a general mistrust in data. The PE Firm required immediate insight into potential revenue and the company’s ability to hit target, Customer Value, Sales Cycles as well a

Solution Delivered

  • Design and Implement refreshed Opportunity Management Process by target industry enabling the GTM team to engage more closely with buyers.
  • Design and Implement refreshed Lead Management Process Connecting the GTM Teams prospecting activities and dependencies into one singular process
  • Purpose built the CRM Data Model to report critical metrics effectively. This required remediating their existing CRM.
  • Published Executive Dashboards reporting in real time the performance of the marketing and sales groups
  • Sales Enablement and Training was delivered in Group Sessions, 1:1 Sessions, Leadership Training, supported by job aids and a playbook


  • Clearly Depicted forecasted revenue for 12 Months
  • Improved in period forecast accuracy 2X
  • Identification of lagging performers led to performance improvement plans
  • The CRO was able to create incentive plans and institute quotas and compensation plans for the first time for the sales team.
  • Uncovered 30,000 Unassigned webform leads ready to be worked.


Robert Gammon
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