Senior Consultant

Zohaib Salahuddin

Zohaib has over 7 years of experience in marketing and sales, pricing, and quantitative analysis.

With a proven ability to craft cutting-edge strategies, from conducting commercial diagnostics to implementing pricing models, Zohaib’s career has been marked by transformative achievements at companies like Simon-Kucher & Partners and Unilever.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Data Analytics
  • Execution Expertise
  • Due Dilligence

GTM Disciplines

  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service


zohaib experience
zohaib experience
Zohaib's experience
Zohaib's experience


I had the privilege of working closely with Zohaib at Simon-Kucher & Partners, and I can confidently say that he is a strategic genius. His visionary pricing and packaging models led to remarkable growth for our client. Zohaib has a data-driven approach and a keen eye for market opportunities. I highly recommend Zohaib as a leader with a genuine passion for driving growth and innovation.

Sandeep George Manager, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Case Study


A leading music distribution service faced the challenge of stagnant growth and increased competition in the digital music market. They sought a strategic solution to better align their pricing with perceived value, encourage customers to explore add-ons, and create a clearer upsell path to maximize growth potential.

Solutions Delivered

  • Dynamic pricing model that focused on aligning the cost of subscriptions with the perceived value to customers.
  • Discounted bundled packages to incentivize customers to explore add-on features.
  • Highly tailored and personalized upsell path for each customer type by leveraging advanced analytics.
  • Tiered subscription plans catering to varying customer needs and budget constraints.
  • Communication strategy to convey revamped pricing structure with detailed explanations of the value proposition behind each tier and add-on.


  • Optimized pricing and packaging strategy resulted in a 28% increase in overall revenue.
  • Customer satisfaction scores improved significantly, leading to increased customer loyalty and a reduced churn rate.
  • Uptake of add-ons saw a notable surge as more customers opted for premium services.
  • Personalized recommendations made customers feel more empowered in their choices, leading to a surge in upsells.