GTM Framework

6:1 Multiples. $1.5B Valuation. 78% Sales Growth. How We Consistently Deliver Revenue Success.

From first-hand experience, our clients have learned the many revenue-accelerating advantages of the Cortado Group’s Go-To-Market solutions.

Private Equity Firms and their portfolio companies have leveraged our expertise to overcome a wide range of business challenges — all centered around revenue generation. We solved their issues, helping them meet and exceed their value-creation goals through proven business growth strategies.

  • Revenue and Market Intelligence
  • Revenue Operations
  • Product
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Success

Revenue and Market Intelligence

Which companies and buyers should we target in the marketplace?

Our analytics experts collect and analyze data that is critical to your go-to-market operations and success. The data will direct and enable your strategy — from the top-down — including defining Ideal Customer Profiles, account segmentation, buyer personas, territory design, compensation, and quota setting. Our business growth strategies work to drive profitable growth, and get investors better exits.


Revenue Operations (RevOps)

How are you enabling your leadership team with full-funnel visibility, forecasting tools, and actionable insights?

Our RevOps professionals are experts in critical go-to-market platforms. We routinely build, configure, and optimize technologies such as HubSpot and Salesforce, to securely store data and provide reports and dashboards for better decision making.



How will your product organization develop solutions that evolve with the changing needs of your buyers?

Our product strategy experts refine the innovation capabilities of your product team. Product strategies, architectural planning, organization & governance, user-centered design, and product launch are critical areas of focus for us. By developing methods of listening to the problems of the market, we help convert buyers’ needs into profitable solutions.



Are you optimizing your prices to maximize your profits?

Our pricing experts identify what your buyers are willing to pay for your solutions. We achieve this through intense market and data analysis, price modeling, and seamless pricing execution. Through our pricing strategies, your products will establish the optimal price-to-value ratio that appeals to customers and expands your revenue potential. 



Is your marketing program generating enough qualified sales leads?

Our marketing experts will build a scalable, data-driven marketing engine for your business. We focus on the marketing talent, lead and buyer process, and marketing automation platforms needed to develop and execute your marketing strategy. By focusing on your ideal customer and prospect accounts, and buyer personas, your campaigns will be highly efficient at driving qualified leads to the sales team.



Does your sales strategy result in more opportunities won?

Our sales experts will help you increase the productivity of your sales reps. This results in higher average sales prices, reduced sales cycle lengths, and optimal win rates. Our business growth strategies focus on talent performance, opportunity management, and the sales tools required to achieve top-line revenue growth outcomes.


Customer Success

Do you nurture customer relationships into loyal promoters of your brand?

Our customer success experts help your organization improve customer retention while increasing wallet share. We will optimize how your engagement processes, people, and customer success tools improve your critical customer relationships and NPS scores as a result.


Every situation has a unique set of challenges. Connect with us to explore a customized business growth strategy to drive a maximized exit.