How Will Your PE Firm Leverage
the Power of AI?

Dan BernoskeCEO, Partner

March 21, 2024 in Revenue and Market Intelligence, Revenue Operations, Sales, Marketing

How will AI impact your company?

What does the advance of AI mean for your private equity firm and portfolio companies? It means that you can radically rethink how work gets done. Accelerate daily work processes and automate repetitive tasks to shift to more strategic activities.

During last year’s AI revolution, Cortado Group immediately recognized the immense potential of AI in the private equity sector — and we went all-in. We embraced the learning curve to help create the wave in this early phase. Cortado Group is now poised to guide private equity firms on how to best leverage AI for Go-to-Market activities. 

We’ve already integrated AI functionality into multiple business processes across our private equity optimization framework — from data transformation, to Go-to-Market operations, to Revenue Operations (RevOps), to business analysis. 

At this early stage of AI integration, we’ve identified three high-level business advantages:

  1. Faster — AI puts your productivity on steroids
  2. Better — AI has the potential to uplevel your business processes
  3. Newer — Done right, AI can give your business an innovation advantage

Here’s what these advantages mean to your firm when you partner with Cortado Group. 

AI Makes Everything Faster — Put Your Productivity on Steroids 

Productivity is one of the leading ways AI is impacting the business world right now. Faster and more efficient execution is achieved in many ways. The most notable is through AI-powered automation. 

Studies are already demonstrating the wide range of manual tasks that can be executed by AI. These efforts are yielding impressive productivity gains. 

In one study by the Nielsen Norman Group, researchers tested different types of users in multiple domains and arrived at the same conclusion. Using AI tools improves users’ performance by 66%. More complex tasks achieve greater gains, and less-skilled workers benefit the most from using AI.

The opportunities to put business productivity on steroids and to fast-track time-consuming tasks are endless. Here are just a few of the ways we’re leveraging AI to help our private equity partners gain faster business processing:

  • Data cleansing: AI-powered algorithms can detect and correct errors, resolve duplicates, and standardize formats, making data more accurate and error-free.
  • Algorithm matching: AI helps make precise matching much more efficient by using pre-programmed algorithms based on compatibility criteria. This reduces the time required for manual searching.
  • Troubleshooting: AI automates time-consuming tasks, such as network configuration, resource allocation, incident management, and software updates. Results include improved performance and reduced downtime

What processes in your portcos could benefit from faster and more efficient processing driven by AI today?

AI Makes Systems Work Better — Uplevel Your Business Processes 

The AI potential to impact business performance is vast and expanding rapidly as more industries leverage AI’s capabilities. Improvements include well-informed, data-driven decision-making, human error reduction, and cost savings.  

A multi-industry study by Accenture Research categorized the potential impact that AI could have on multiple tasks such as:

  • Higher potential for automation 
  • Higher potential for augmentation
  • Lower potential for augmentation or automation

Large language models can impact 40% of the working hours on average across all major industries (language tasks account for 62% of the total work time) as illustrated in this graph. 

Here is a brief overview of a few ways that Cortado Group can deploy AI to help improve business processes — and help make them better than they were before: 

  • Enhancing decision-making: AI systems process data at breakneck speeds, faster than dedicated staff members could perform analysis in the past. These same staff members can now make improvements from spotting new and evolving trends, to evaluating historical data, to predicting outcomes. This means companies can make more informed strategic decisions faster. Improvements run the gambit — such as spotting new investment opportunities early or targeting an optimized exit strategy. 
  • Personalizing customer experiences: Because chatbots and virtual assistants can react in real-time to customers’ questions, satisfaction improves significantly. What’s more, AI systems can instantly draw on customer histories to personalize every interaction — which improves everything from marketing to sales to customer success. 
  • Improving hiring: Recruitment has become a major challenge in most industries. Anything that can make the process easier, faster, and smarter can give companies a competitive advantage. The avenues for creating a better hiring process with AI include analyzing resumes, matching skills, assessing candidates, reducing bias, and conducting initial interviews. 

How could your portcos benefit from improving their business processes with AI? 

A Cortado Group AI-Driven Example 

A recent AI experience perfectly encapsulates the power of AI to leverage faster, better, and newer business processes. 

One of our portfolio company clients was hiring its first RevOps professional. But as the first candidate was walking in the door, their team realized they didn’t know exactly what RevOps-related questions to ask to determine which candidate would be the best person for the brand new position. 

The Cortado Group AI expert jumped in to assist.

First, he asked for a copy of the job description. Then he dropped it into Cortado Group’s customized ChatGPT. He entered this prompt: “As a RevOps hiring manager, what questions should I ask to identify the ideal candidate for this job description?”

The AI application immediately spun out over 100 great questions. But, since that was too much for the interview time allotted, our expert entered a second prompt: “We only have 15 minutes for the interview. Make this list more concise.”  

The result was 10 highly applicable questions for our client to ask its two RevOps job candidates. 

This is an excellent example of how the combination of AI and human expertise can work together in a symbiotic relationship to accelerate business processes and generate an ideal business outcome faster. 

This example illustrates the three key business advantages of AI outlined in this post:

  • Faster: Our expert completed this task in under 10 minutes, which would have taken a day or more to execute without AI. 
  • Better: The final 10 interview questions culled from over 100 were highly relevant and helped identify the ideal job candidate within a minimal timeframe. 
  • New: Our expert leveraged AI to augment his own knowledge and creativity in a totally new way to prepare for a job candidate interview. 

Are you ready to gain the faster, better, and newer business advantages of AI with an experienced partner? Accelerate the process with a proven private equity partner. 

Gain these Critical Capabilities in an AI-Driven Partner

If you don’t have AI skills and resources in-house, look for these capabilities in a Go-to-Market consulting partner:

  • Employs the latest AI-driven tools
  • Leverages AI by creating a customized chat assistant
  • Possesses deep and wide experience in private equity 
  • Maintains extensive experience in digital transformation, revenue growth, Go-to-Market, and business analysis 
  • Stays up-to-date on all critical private equity transformational trends 
  • Knows how to balance margins with revenue growth
  • Understands relevant KPIs in effective Go-to-Market strategies
  • Works with complex data models
  • Maintains current qualifications in all relevant certifications in RevOps 
  • Runs an internal Go-to-Market innovation lab 
  • Operates within a culture 100% focused on private equity

Gain More AI Insights

Gain critical insight on how to conquer today’s leading business challenges with AI-powered processes. 

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