Senior Consultant

Brett Hovanec

Meet Brett, an accomplished sales operations professional with a proven track record of driving success through sales process development, operations strategy, and integrations.

With a strong background in sales enablement, Brett has evaluated and managed all sales enablement tools and processes to identify process improvements and greater efficiencies, resulting in improved sales results. His expertise in Salesforce, Drift, Marketo, Zapier, Zuora, Truly, and Mixmax has been instrumental in streamlining the sales process and maximizing the benefits of each platform. Brett holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance from Roger Williams University and continues to pursue ongoing education and training to stay current with the latest industry trends and practices. Overall, Brett’s skills and experience in sales enablement, sales process development, and integrations, as well as their leadership skills, communication skills, and positive attitude make them essential team members. We are proud to have Brett as an expert on our team.

Engagement Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Revenue Operations
  • Execution Expertise

Rev Ops Expertise

  • Engagement Manager
  • Platform Administrator
  • Data Analyst


Case Study


Company OKRs each quarter were finalized halfway through the 1st month, so teams never had a full quarter to reach their goals. Leadership was always rushing to put something together. Eyes were always bigger than our stomach.

Solution Delivered

  • Implemented Workboard for OKR setting and connected Jira to show the tactical work being done.
  • Adopted Scrum methodology and created clear guidelines for OKRs and new initiatives.
  • Implemented backlog management


  • Narrowed focus for objectives
  • Collaborative environment for OKR setting
  • Clearly defined results
  • Improved attainment by 50% in two quarters
  • Improved cross-functional visibility


Brett Hovanec
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