Cortado Unveils Brand Evolution — Creating Value for PE and Portfolio

December 6, 2023

Washington DC, District of Columbia, [Nov. 27, 2023] Cortado Group, a Go-To-Market (GTM) consulting firm focused on value creation for private-equity-backed portfolio companies, unveiled a new brand relaunch, including a new visual brand identity. The new brand now reflects the company’s evolution to deliver on the value proposition of creating value for private equity portfolio companies. Cortado’s new visual identity isn’t so much a change as it is a brand evolution to more fully convey the value creation clients receive and expect for their business. 

The purpose of a company’s visual brand identity is to serve as a reflection of the client’s positive experience. Over five years, Cortado has evolved forward and advanced at a rapid pace, and this brand evolution is crucial to convey both the methodology and mentality that comes with partnering with Cortado.

“What I would hear from PE and portfolio executives that I interacted with was that they are impressed by the depth of the offering to help them solve problems and the uniqueness of the Cortado approach,” said Cortado CEO Dan Bernoske. “As my team and I continued to hear this, we knew the visual brand needed to progress with our firm and the changing needs of our clients.” 

Cortado’s advertising agency in accomplishing this important brand evolution is Sustena Group, a highly respected brand agency. Sustena’s process helped Cortado capture a brand that better articulates the value proposition and is an authentic representation of what clients expect of Cortado’s quality of solutions.    

“The brand evolution marks the culmination of thorough client research and creativity to capture in a brand how clients feel about the experience with Cortado,” said Cortado COO and Partner George de los Reyes. “We’re especially pleased to introduce this new visual identity, which isn’t so much a change as it is an evolution that more fully encompasses the entirety of our brand promise to clients.”  

The brand evolution effort began with internal and external interviews and analysis to understand the core of the brand perceptions from multiple perspectives. This research and data-driven approach validated the primary brand positioning: To provide right-sized solutions to deliver profitable growth faster, and better. This contrasts the stereotypical consulting engagement that can be over-engineered, difficult to implement, and require too many resources to activate.

“Brands are often an underleveraged business asset,” said Bryan Jenkins, Sustena Group EVP.  “It was incredible to quantify the Cortado brand impact through client research and hear the stories of innovation and growth success. Understanding the value proposition gave us the insight to evolve an already strong brand to better share the full story of the Cortado brand – telling powerful stories around their value and differentiation.”

The positioning post-brand evolution includes the tagline: Creating Value for PE-Portfolio Companies.  

The value proposition that Cortado is built to deliver upon is stated as: Cortado Group delivers rapid, measurable top-line improvement for smaller, investor-backed growth companies. Clients get profitable growth, and investors get better exits.

  • Right Effort – we do it right, so you can do it better
  • Right Expertise – A curated network of dedicated Go-to-market professionals (when we scope a project, the team who is going to work on the project is the same team they meet during the scoping)

Furthermore, Cortado creates value for Private Equity portfolio companies by delivering profitable growth with tailored GTM consulting services and products that are right-sized for the client and its unique situation. “We get in and get out, so clients can get moving,” said Cortado CRO and Partner John Auer. “The tagline and value-proposition convey our uniqueness among the many options available to PE buyers.”

The visual brand identity evolved to represent the value proposition. The new logo consists of three layers of our logo. 

Bryan Jenkins, Sustena Group’s EVP said about the new visual brand identity, “The new brand transitions from more traditional darker colors to a brighter, more vibrant color palette to modernize the brand. This evolution better reflects what we heard Cortado clients share about their experience of Cortado innovation.”  

Most important is the essence of the Cortado brand, which is the Go-To-Market framework. This is what enables value creation for PE portfolio companies. The whole idea of the framework is to fall in love with the problem, not the solution. The brand evolution tells the story of how private equity firms and their portfolio companies benefit from the Cortado experience to generate tangible results.

“As a leader in GTM (Go-To-Market) consulting for private equity, I could not be more thrilled about the results of the new Cortado brand that conveys our growth and evolution, and better communicates our commitment to innovation and our values,” said Cortado CEO Dan Bernoske.

Ultimately, it’s all about profitable growth,
delivered right.

Dan Bernoske, CEO, Cortado Group

Cortado’s visual brand identity underscores the commitment to delivering precise and actionable insights to clients. With a clear focus on the future, Cortado is dedicated to providing unparalleled GTM consulting services, ensuring that our clients stay ahead in their respective industries. Learn more about how we deliver value creation by scheduling your consultation today. 

 About Cortado Group

Cortado Group is a leading go-to-market expert and consulting partner helping private equity firms and portfolio companies.  Since being founded in 2019, Cortado Group has experienced double-digit growth each year while serving over a hundred portfolio companies.  We help them achieve or exceed their business goals — from revenue generation to value creation.  Areas of expertise include revenue intelligence, revenue operations, product, pricing, sales, marketing, and customer success. Our business growth strategies are tailored to maximize your business’s success, eliminating weaknesses and building new go-to-market strengths.