Cortado Group Launches
Go-to-Market Framework

June 26, 2024

Washington DC, District of Columbia, [Nov. 20, 2023] Cortado Group, a leading consulting firm focused on creating value for private equity portfolio companies, launched the Go-to-Market Framework. The Go-to-Market Framework, commonly abbreviated to GTM Framework, addresses every operation within your organization, ensuring your company achieves optimized revenue growth in every corner, from sales and marketing to product design and revenue operations. 

The GTM framework works as the guide to deploy the right experts, processes, revenue growth strategies and solutions to meet your exact needs in any of these seven key areas. Achieving your value creation goals requires portfolio companies to focus on several critical areas of performance success. The framework serves as a guide to tailor the growth strategy and sequence execution of functional teams to orchestrate an ideal buyer’s journey. 

A company’s ability to achieve double-digit growth is only as good as its go-to-market strategy

Dan Bernoske, CEO, Cortado Group

Dan continued, “We assembled best practices from across industries and created the Go-to-Market Framework that tailors growth strategies and execution that is right-sized for the portfolio company and its unique opportunity”.

Key Focuses of the Go-to-Market Framework

The Go-to-Market Framework is comprised of seven key areas. At the center of the GTM Framework is Revenue and Market Intelligence which informs the Go-to-Market strategy to maximize growth. Revenue Operations (RevOps) powers the insights to the connective Go-to-Market elements of Product, Pricing, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. 

  • Revenue Marketing & Intelligence: Identify the most valuable accounts and buyers in your target market.
  • Revenue Operations (RevOps): Create a technology platform that enables data-driven strategic decision-making for your leadership team.
  • Product: Ensure your product team can continue to develop solutions that keep up with your buyers’ changing needs.
  • Pricing: Determine the optimum price your customer will pay for your solutions.
  • Marketing: Establish capabilities your team needs to generate more qualified leads for your sales team.
  • Sales: Maximize your sales team’s productivity so they win more opportunities.  
  • Customer Success: Nurture relationships with your customers so they are loyal promoters of your brand and solutions.

Why the GTM Framework Matters to Your Company:

Portfolio companies are leveraging the GTM framework to rapidly identify productivity gaps and growth levers. These insights are quickly turned into Go-to-Market strategies that achieve optimal performance conditions for your sales team to win more. Fast-tracked growth achievement reduces investment risk while accelerating value creation. 

“Private Equity Firms and their portfolio companies leverage our expertise to overcome a wide range of business challenges — all centered around revenue generation” said Cortado CRO and Partner John Auer. “The Go-to-Market framework is our guide to solve their issues, help them meet and exceed their value-creation goals through proven business growth strategies”.

Every situation has a unique set of challenges. Connect with Cortado Group to explore a customized business growth strategy using the Go-to-Market Framework to drive a maximized exit.

About Cortado Group

Cortado Group is a leading Go-to-Market expert and consulting partner helping private equity firms and portfolio companies. Since being founded in 2019, Cortado Group has experienced double-digit growth each year while serving over a hundred portfolio companies. We help them achieve or exceed their business goals — from revenue generation to value creation. Areas of expertise include revenue intelligence, revenue operations, product, pricing, sales, marketing, and customer success. Our business growth strategies are tailored to maximize your business’s success, eliminating weaknesses and building new Go-to-Market strengths.