Case Study

A Financial Services Software Company saw a 46% growth in total pipeline

In Q2 of Year 1, Cortado Group was asked to place an Interim Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to replace an outgoing head of sales. Overall sales framework was not providing the necessary pipeline and revenue growth.

Company’s Challenge

  • The client was going through a critical transformation; from an on-prem/perpetual software licensing model to Software-as-a-Service with limited preparation in their go-to-market model.
  • The CRO departed in the second quarter of Year 1, and their current talent strategy was not providing top sales and leadership talent.

Cortado Group Results

  • Revenue increased by 3% from year one to year two.
  • Total pipeline increased by 46%, and weighted pipeline increased by 114%.
  • The sales team experienced a 160% increase in validated opportunities.
  • SQLs created by the SDR team was projected to result in $3.2M TCV.
  • The SDR team had over 52,000 focused lead generation activities in year two.

Cortado Group Solution

Sales and Marketing GTM

Sales and Marketing GTM Benchmark Assessments to create the roadmap of initiatives.

TAM/SAM market

TAM/SAM market analysis to enable sales org design and territory design.

Ideal Customer Profile model

Ideal Customer Profile model and grading to enable sales org design to the Pod model.

Buyer Process Maps

Buyer Process Maps to enable opportunity management process design.

SFDC and SalesLoft

Reconfiguration of SFDC and SalesLoft to make visible the sales process and true pipeline.

New Talent Strategy

Deployed new talent strategy in order to recruit, interview and hire top talent.

Compensation and Quota

Worked with finance to create a compensation and quota model based on best practices

Solutions Provided

  • Sales and Marketing Assessment
  • TAM/SAM Market Analysis
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Sales Org Design
  • Interim CRO
  • CRM/Sales Tech Assessment
  • Talent Strategy
  • Territory Design
  • Comp & Quota
  • Pricing Strategy

Key Insight

The client saw a 46% increase in sales pipeline between the year before the Cortado engagement & Year 1.