Case Study

Real Estate LMS Company

A software & services company in the real estate space that was experiencing stagnant growth, and declining sales performance. The Cortado Group began their engagement in July Year 1 and will be engaged through Q1 Year 2.

  • Sales
  • Revenue & Market Intelligence
  • Revenue Operations
  • Marketing
  • Pricing

Company’s Challenge

  • Sales performance was low, and a largely inexperienced sales team was expected to drive revenue growth. They did not have a Sales Ops or Marketing Ops resource capable of supporting the sales and marketing teams with actionable data, nor implementing strategic initiatives to drive towards actionable outcomes.
  • Acquisitions were also not fully integrated, and new offerings were not being cross-sold across the existing customer base.
  • The company faced challenges driven by market drag that would result in unpredictable revenue attrition, in addition to customer churn.

Cortado Group Results

  • Improved revenue attrition by 4% from prior year.
  • Converted legacy pricing model to an ARR model, with 87% of revenue being recurring across all product lines. Integrated and converted acquired product lines into a full suite solution.
  • Compensation planning was adjusted to incentivize multi-year deals, reducing future churn risk. At-Risk revenue was minimized by 17% from Year 1 to Year 2.
  • Up-Sells to existing customers increased by 3% overall, by 11% to top 50 accounts (>$95K per annum)
  • New Customer sales increased by 4% YoY.
Solutions Provided
Interim Head of Sales
Data Analytics
Due Diligence
CRM Assessment
Account Segmentation
Territory Design
Comp & Quota

Cortado Group Solution

  • Compensation Planning & Quota Design for Account Management Team
  • Churn Risk Identification by account
  • Comp Planning & Quota Design for Sales Team
  • Prioritized Field Marketing Targets
  • Market Segmentation
  • Territory Design
  • Created BI Dashboards for Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Revised Pricing Model to integrate new product acquisitions
  • Due Diligence on acquisition targets
  • Identified Cross-sell synergies across product lines

Key Insight

New Customer sales increased by 4% YoY