The MVP in the C-Suite: Why
Every CEO Needs a Revenue
Operations Specialist

Loryn StokesConsultant

February 8, 2024 in Revenue Operations, Sales, Marketing

As the leader of your portco, in the high-stakes world of private equity, your leadership has been defined by resilience and innovation. Your team, handpicked for their excellence, has been your greatest asset. Yet, in a landscape where 90% of startups fail, the margin for error is slim. The need for strategic precision is paramount. Could an oversight in your executive team be the missing link to unlocking untapped growth potential?

Strategic Oversight – What You Might Be Missing

Your confidence in your team’s abilities is well-founded. However, the rapidly evolving market dynamics and increasing complexity in customer journeys necessitate a specialized approach. Herein lies a crucial gap: the absence of a Revenue Operations (RevOps) Specialist. In the digital era, the alignment across sales, marketing, and customer service can increase revenue by up to 15%. To make this a reality, the role of RevOps is essential. This strategy-centric role goes beyond traditional boundaries to forge a unified path to growth. RevOps is not just an addition, but a cornerstone of a forward-thinking C-suite.

Beyond Gut Feelings – The Power of Data-Driven Decisions

Intuition and experience will always play a role, but should not be uninformed. The sheer volume and complexity of data in today’s digital ecosystem demands a data-driven approach. In this context, the role of a RevOps Specialist becomes indispensable across three critical business functions: marketing, sales, and customer success. 

By leveraging vast pools of data, a RevOps Specialist transforms insights into strategic actions. This ensures the facets of the organization move in harmony towards common goals. Let’s dive deeper into how this approach reshapes each function: 

  • Marketing: Studies show that companies that adopt data-driven marketing strategies achieve up to 5-8 times the return on investment (ROI) on their marketing spend. A RevOps Specialist harnesses this power, transforming data into actionable insights that drive strategic decisions. By integrating data across functions, every decision is informed, every strategy is tested, and every investment is optimized for maximum return.
  • Sales: Research indicates that organizations with a strong sales data analysis strategy can outperform their peers. This advantage can be up to 19% in terms of profitability and 15% in sales growth. A RevOps Specialist capitalizes on this advantage by employing advanced analytics. These analytics are used to refine sales strategies, optimize lead qualification, and personalize the sales approach. The RevOps Specialist systematically analyzes sales data to make strategic contributions such as: Identifying high-value targets, forecasting sales trends with greater accuracy, and tailoring the sales process to meet the evolving needs of prospects. This strategic use of data elevates sales efforts to be more effective and efficient, significantly enhancing the ROI of the sales department.
  • Customer Success: A study by Forbes reveals that prioritizing customer experience initiatives result in up to a 7% increase in revenue growth. A RevOps Specialist plays a pivotal role in this by leveraging data to map and enhance the customer journey. This helps ensure each interaction is optimized for satisfaction and engagement. By integrating customer feedback, support tickets, and usage data, they can proactively address pain points. Two examples of proactivity are personalizing customer interactions and streamlining the customer lifecycle process. This data-driven approach to customer success bolsters retention and also transforms satisfied customers into brand advocates. This fuels organic growth and reduces the cost of customer acquisition.

By integrating data-driven strategies in marketing, sales, and customer success, a RevOps Specialist significantly amplifies effectiveness. This leads to higher revenue growth and enhanced customer loyalty. It also showcases the tangible impact of a RevOps approach across the business spectrum.

Aligning with PE Firm Expectations – The RevOps Advantage

In the eyes of your private equity (PE) firm, growth and profitability are king. A RevOps Specialist is adept at speaking this language, providing the metrics and analysis that PE firms scrutinize. 73% of executives state that the lack of aligned metrics across departments hampers growth. The role of RevOps is critical for alignment to meet and exceed PE expectations. By proactively identifying growth levers and optimizing operational efficiencies, a RevOps Specialist increases the probability for success. With RevOps insights, your company not only meets its targets but sets new benchmarks for success.

In this partnership, the RevOps Specialist becomes an invaluable bridge between your portco’s operational realities and the strategic objectives of your PE firm. They are translators of data and strategists who can foresee change and opportunity such as: market trends, customer behaviors, and operational bottlenecks before they impact the bottom line. This foresight allows for agile adjustments to strategies. Your company stays ahead of the curve and pioneers new standards in efficiency and market penetration. 

For you, this means leading a company that is thriving under the scrutiny of its investors. For the PE firm, it translates into confidence in their investment. The company is not just on track but is setting the pace in its industry. The collaboration with a RevOps Specialist turns potential challenges into opportunities for growth. The net impact of RevOps is making the company a standout in the PE portfolio.

Scaling Past Success – Pioneering New Markets with RevOps

Your past successes are a testament to your vision and execution. Scaling this success, especially in uncharted territories, requires additional RevOps support. A RevOps Specialist brings to the table a unique blend of strategic foresight and operational expertise. In an era where 87% of businesses fail to successfully execute their strategy, a RevOps Specialist is your most important investment. RevOps ensures your growth plans are not just visionary but viable. By analyzing market trends, RevOps keeps you informed and pivoting effectively to the ever-changing dynamics. Customer behaviors and competitive landscapes become areas of opportunity instead of threat. RevOps helps to craft scalable strategies that adapt and thrive in new markets, ensuring your expansion efforts are as successful as your foundational achievements.

This strategic expansion is not without its challenges; market entry is a complex endeavor fraught with risks. Yet, these risks are meticulously calculated and mitigated with a RevOps Specialist on board. A Harvard Business Review study states that companies entering new markets with data-backed strategies increase their chances of success by up to 60%. A RevOps Specialist leverages this data, turning potential obstacles into stepping stones for growth. They provide a roadmap for expansion and equip your team with the tools and insights needed to navigate confidently. With their guidance, your company doesn’t just expand; it conquers. You transform new markets into strongholds of your brand’s presence and influence. This strategic expansion showcases your company’s capability to grow sustainably and set new industry benchmarks.


Your ascent from a visionary startup to a key industry player is a testament to your ambition and success. Integrating a RevOps Specialist into your team is a strategic evolution. This evolution propels your company towards unparalleled efficiency and growth. In today’s competitive environment, only the most adaptable and agile emerge victorious. The insight, strategy, and operational precision that a RevOps Specialist brings to the table are invaluable. This strategic addition is far from a gamble; it’s an investment move toward securing your company’s future. They align every facet of your operations with the rigorous expectations of your PE investors.

The decision to invest in a RevOps Specialist is the best decision you can make with resolution. For you and your company, it means steering a ship that’s already seaworthy and capable of navigating the most challenging waters with grace. For the PE firm, it signifies an investment that’s predictable and poised for remarkable returns. 

The question then isn’t whether you can afford to add a RevOps Specialist to your team, but whether you can afford not to. 

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