We are the advisers to the leaders of high-growth companies. We help leaders achieve their most challenging revenue growth objectives, especially in times of economic uncertainty. Through data-driven insights, we design, operate and optimize talent and their performance conditions.

Cortado Group engagements are designed to provide sales and marketing go-to-market functional areas of expertise.  We focus on companies that not only need to drive revenue growth, but they need to achieve profitability.   Our people provide expertise in the following ways in order to meet those needs.


Our go-to-market (GTM) Advisers are deployed one of two ways depending upon the needs of our client.

  • As an Interim Leader and member of the executive team.
  • As a principal adviser that will augment the current staff already in place.

GTM Advisers are proven experts in sales and marketing with successful track records as both practitioners and senior executives.


Often the existing client executive team needs more capacity or capability to execute a transformation plan.

Our execution team can be deployed one of two ways depending upon the needs of the client.

  • Alongside the GTM Adviser
  • As a standalone augmentation to the client’s current team


Deep data analytics capabilities can be used to augment the existing client team’s capabilities. Using advanced tools such as Alteryx, Tableau, Microsoft BI and others, we deliver data-driven insights to the client.

Good data helps executives make informed and smart decisions. This leads to improved strategic decisions, smarter execution, and improved valuation multiples.