Cortado Group Success Story

SaaS Portco Experiences Revenue Surge leading to 1.9x increase in exit value

From flat sales to multiple offers less than market rates, this portfolio SaaS company faced a high risk of missing its PE-assigned exit targets. After working with the Cortado Group, its revenue surged — and it exceeded every value creation goal. Here’s how.

Company’s Overarching Goal

Exit in 12 to 18 months with multiples at or above market value.

Company’s Growth Challenge

The company was tasked with an aggressive goal by its private equity owner. However, it lacked the critical processes, systems, and people it needed to hit its targets. Among the many challenges it faced were:

  • Misaligned sales and marketing teams
  • SDR team performing at 1/5th benchmark (only 16% win rates)
  • SDR team producing poor quality appointments
  • Lack of sales and marketing talent required to achieve goals
  • No KPIs holding sales and marketing accountable
  • No system support for hiring, onboarding, and training new talent

Cortado Group Team Deployed

Interim CRO
Interim SDR lead
Marketing advisor

Project Time Frame

12 Months

Strategies Deployed
SDR overhaul

added playbook, defined territories, performance standards, better compensation, and accountability structure

Account executive overhaul

rebalanced territories and comp/quota structure

Marketing overhaul

Marketing overhaul

Lead management revamp

reconfigured lead generation and nurturing processes

RevOps deployment

installed systems and trained new leadership

Engagement Milestone

Ready for on-time exit with several above-market offers.