Case Study

A Fire & Life Safety Services Company

Cortado Group was asked to be involved in pre-acquisition planning and remained heavily involved through the transition to a consolidated sales leader.

  • Revenue and Market Intelligence
  • Pricing
  • Revenue Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Company’s Challenge

  • The client was growing at a reasonable rate but wanted to be poised for explosive growth in Year 3 and beyond.
  • Marketing was not optimized and only consisted of event attendance and distribution of leads.
  • There was significant role corruption in the sales department.

Cortado Group Results

  • Revenue increased from $3.38M to $5.37M between Q1 of Year 1 and Q2 of Year 3.
  • The client had an organic growth rate of 22%.
  • The sales pipeline increased to $18M, with a sales process adherence over 80%.
  • The sales deal size grew 21% in Q1 of Year 3.

Cortado Group Solution

ICP and persona-based approach

Justified and added 1FTE, lead generation campaigns and implemented a ICP and persona-based outreach approach.


Used AE/CSM/BDR/CSM model to maximize penetration in the Northwest market.

Effective New Hires

Used top-grading to hire A players; added 6 FTEs and consolidated to 1 sales leader.

Compensation, Quota and Territories

Created new job descriptions, and formalized comp, quotas, and territories.

Opportunity management process

Introduced a 5-step opportunity management process and coaching cadence.

Sales Training

Cross-sell and upsell training


Segmentation and cluster analysis to determine propensity to buy for ICP. 

Solutions Provided

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Org Design
  • CRM/Sales Tech Assessment
  • Comp & Quota
  • Sales Process
  • Account Segmentation
  • Talent Strategy
  • Territory Design

Key Insight

The client saw an organic growth rate of 22%.