Case Study

A Vertically Integrated Real Estate Firm

This client was recognizing “growing pains” with access to data across the organization, critical to decision-making. Among the growing pains was technology debt and aging infrastructure.

Cortado recommended a multi-phase series of solutions – Data Governance Strategy, Master Data Policy, Data Lake repository, Enterprise Service Bus Tool Selection, and finally endpoint improvements and source databases data structure alignment.

Company’s Challenge

  • Moving target for data management with new systems Large enterprise-wide culture of tribal knowledge
  • Lack of Executive alignment on vision for the future
  • Legacy custom applications required deprecation
  • Business Operations segmented across verticals.
  • Over 120 applications in use across the org

Cortado Group Results

  • Seamless Data transfer between CRM – ERP- HRIS Systems
  • Improved Data Model enabling Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Master Data Management Governance provided 99.6% critical Data Accuracy
  • Annual Budgeting for GTM teams reduced from 9 to 4 weeks with new real time reporting and attribution
  • Customer onboarding improved delivery time by an average of two weeks and gained visibility into 15 new KPI
  • Construction Team realized a 12% YoY increase in revenue due to improved visibility in sales pipeline
Cortado Group Solution
Technology Stack Assessment

Technology Stack Assessment yielded the selection of sanctioned systems and allowed for consolidation of 25+ Applications

Project Backlog

A holistic project backlog created prioritization mechanism

SFDC Steering Committee

Implemented an SFDC Steering Committee enabling unified executive alignment

SaaS solution

Deprecated a legacy custom application with SaaS solution reducing maintenance burden by 80% With the new solution in place

RevOps Technical Architecture

RevOps Technical Architecture documentation allowed for the tight integration between HRIS and CRM system and streamlined resource allocation for customer projects.

Solutions Provided

  • RevOps Advisory
  • Business Intelligence Solution
  • Data lake and API Design
  • CRM Redesign
  • Customer Onboarding Program Design
  • B2C Sales and Marketing Integration
  • Custom Operating Platform Design

Key Insight

Construction Team realized a 12% YoY increase in revenue due to improved visibility in sales pipeline