Case Study

Computer Aid Incorporated achieved 46% MQL growth month after month

With an understaffed marketing department, CAI could not generate sufficient lead volume. With an undertrained team, they considered outsourcing the BDR motion. Sales leadership lacked the capacity and experience to effectively develop the in-house BDR team and successfully implement effective sales development methodologies. 

  • Revenue Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Company’s Challenge

  • 27% lead conversion rate.
  • No outbound prospecting capability.​
  • Overburdened management unable to provide professional development.​
  • Undefined lead management process.​
  • 3 different CRM systems.​
  • Unreliable reporting managed in external Excel documents.​

Cortado Group Results

  • 71% lead conversion rate after 3 months.
  • 46% MQL growth month over month.
  • 5x meetings booked after 3 months.​
  • 100% of deals closed in quarter originated from BDR efforts.​

Cortado Group Solution Strategies

​Cultivate a Learning Environment

Foster a culture of continuous learning and skill development through structured weekly meetings, one-on-one coaching sessions, and daily scrums.

Empower Task Prioritization

Equip team members with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their task prioritization and performance improvement strategies through targeted training sessions and effective methodologies.

Boost Outbound Lead Generation

Develop a comprehensive outbound lead generation strategy, reducing reliance on inbound leads through prospecting techniques, personalized outreach campaigns, and lead nurturing processes.​

Leverage Advanced Tools for Lead Generation

Upgrade the HubSpot infrastructure to support outbound lead generation efforts, streamline processes, and enhance CRM for efficient lead tracking, follow-ups, and performance analytics.​

Solutions Provided

  • BDR Playbook
  • Lead Management Process
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Automated Cadences

Key Insight

Achieved 46% MQL growth month over month.

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